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About WIL

Women in Leadership (WIL) commenced in 2012 and represents women who work in the public sector in Papua New Guinea.

The idea for the group emerged from discussions between Dame Carol Kidu and Jane Kesno from the Economic and Public Sector Program (EPSP) early in 2012.

Business and professional groups had recently been established, but there was no group representing women in the public sector.

Meetings commenced in mid-2012 and senior women public servants were invited to join. A series of questions arose in the early meetings such as:

  • What do women bring to leadership positions that men do not?
  • Do female leaders have different management styles to male leaders?
  • Why are female leaders in acting positions rather than substantive positions?
  • How equitable are selection processes in the public sector?
  • What is the proportion of females in the public sector and how many are in leadership positions?
  • How could senior women assist young women to progress through the public sector?

WIL has continued to operate since that time with assistance from Australian Aid through the Economic and Public Sector Program. Regular meetings are held and the group has developed a clear view of its purpose and role.