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Sir Puka supports Women in Leadership

7th April 2016

Papua New Guinea’s female leaders across the public service joined Minister for Public Service, Sir Puka Temu, on National Women’s Day (24 March) to celebrate the achievements of the Women...

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Womens in Leadership Forum

4th December 2015

Papua New Guinea’s most influential female public servants came together in Port Moresby yesterday to share their experiences and commit to supporting the next generation of women leaders to ris...

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Women Host Successful Forum

3rd December 2015

The public sector Women in Leadership network yesterday hosted a successful public forum to celebrate the role of women in the government’s public service. This forum is aimed at reorganizing pa...

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Pioneer Women Leaders Shaping The Future

27th November 2015

ONE of the nation’s most respected women has urged the government to acknowledge the skills and experience of senior female public servants by elevating them to head position in key national age...

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